The Fruit of Gratefulness

The Fruit of Gratefulness

Often times, I find it hard to be content. Little things will become great obstacles in my constant quest to be content. It’s sad that with so many blessings, I forget to feel blessed. Today on the radio, I heard something that caught my attention. I looked for it online afterwards because I wanted to include it word for word, but it was nowhere to be found. It said something like…

“When you are sitting in traffic, be grateful you have a car because there are many wishing they had cars to get around. When you are having trouble at work, be grateful you have a job for there are many who are searching for work. And when your car breaks down and you run for help, be grateful you can walk, for there are many who are unable.”

The quote went on to recognize just how much we should be grateful for. It caught me off guard and made me realize just how off kilter my contentment scale can be when I am weighed down by insignificant worries and woes.

Later as I was going about my work day, I received an email from a friend with a video about Louie Schwartzberg, award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer. It showed some of his amazing time lapse photographic masterpieces and WOW – I was impressed! And then it discussed a project he is currently working on called “Happiness Revealed,” a project about gratefulness from the perspective of a child and elderly man. Both individuals pointed out why we have so much to be grateful for just being alive. Combined with breath-taking beauty, it served to get its points across. Yes, I want to be grateful for when I am grateful, I can’t help but be content!

I was blessed through watching it and want you to share in that blessedness too.


Here are some of my photographs that inspire gratefulness in my own life:






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