Skyline Silhouettes

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Skyline Silhouettes

There is something so majestic about the skies at twilight in January here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Day after day, I’m left in awe of the aftermath of the sky after sunset! It draws me outside each evening around 5pm just to see what beauty might unfold! Awhile back, my hubby and I went on a hike through the rolling Stanford hills. While he was busy trying to keep a steady pace, I was zipping back and forth in awe of the utter beauty taking as many photos as I possibly could. We had timed the hike perfectly so that it was just around sunset and so amazing things were happening with the light. Even without my good camera and simply my iPhone, I was loving the images that I captured!

Here are just a few – but believe me – there were many many more that I will treasure!





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. . .

Later on, I decided to play with one of my favorite images even more and make a Scripture Picture! I combined it with a NASA photo to make a photo composite and added a favorite Bible verse. Here is the end result:


Photo Composite Credit: NASA

This winter, I hope you too can catch some beautiful skies & silhouettes! The moments for which they occur are often fleeting though, so enjoy them if you are so lucky to see them!!!

– Naphtalie Joy Joiner

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