Scripture Pictures

Scripture Pictures

Something I have been doing more of recently is creating Scripture Pictures.

A scripture picture is just a photo paired with a Bible verse or scripture passage. Super plain and simple yet difficult to create! I love creating them because they are good practice for my photography and graphic design skills. And in creating them, the scripture passage I work with totally comes to life in a richer way than just reading over it in my Bible.

This last year, I joined a community of artists who take turns sharing Scripture Pictures every Sunday in a Facebook group called Outside the City Gates. Being a part of the group has been such a blessing. It’s amazing to see what others create and get inspired by them. There are moments when I am left in complete awe by the creation of one of our fellow artists. It is also such a beautiful way of bringing scripture to life!

So this Christmas Season, as things get busy and it’s hard to find space for being still. I invite you to take a moment and reflect upon some of my scripture pictures from over the year. I hope you enjoy and find rest in them!













I hope to keep creating Scripture Pictures! Whenever there is a lull with work, this is my usual go-to on-going project! So hopefully in no time, I will have a more complete body of work and one day make it through all the Scriptures!!

But in the meantime, if you would like me to work on one of your favorite verses, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to give it my best effort! But also – if you are up for a creative challenge, I would encourage you to try to create your own Scripture Picture. With all photo editing programs/apps out there, it is something that almost anyone can do!!! It’s a surprise how things come together and the end product is always something beautiful!

– Naphtalie JOY Joiner

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