Crop Circle Office Package

Crop Circle Brewing Co. was a graphic design project that required every ounce of my design ability to conquer. We had design the complete visual identity package of a restaurant from the ground up – the logo, the office package, the menu, the worker attire, the signage, the advertising, the overall look of the restaurant, and more. It really forced me to get into the part of being the designer and use every creative ability within me to come up with something that would work as well as something I truly liked. I’m sad that this was just for school and not a real project as I would really love to go to a brewery like Crop Circle Brewing Co. Scroll down to see the entire visual identity package.
– 2008
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Brand Concept
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Logo
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Logo Rules
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Office Package
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Signage
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Restaurant Interior
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Fleet
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Attire
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Menu 1
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Menu 2
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Package Design
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Package Design 2
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Advertising B&W
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Advertising Color
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Website 1
CropCircleBrewingCo_Identity Website 2