70ReasonstoCelebrate_BookA couple months before my dad’s 70th birthday, my family presented me with the idea of making him a “70 Reasons to Celebrate” book! The plan was I would collaborate with friends and family to gather 70 Reasons to celebrate my dad and then with their help of supplying photographs and memorabilia, I would put it all together in a lovely book. So that’s exactly what I did but this was quite an undertaking! There were so many pieces that had to come together before the book was complete.

Once materials started coming in, I added them to a spreadsheet google doc. Then from there I went to inDesign and I began building an overall star theme for the entire book. Then I turned to my photographs. Thankfully, I’ve taken a LOT of photos over the years, so I had quite a few photos to choose from. My family and friends also supplied me with photos too! Once I had photos to pair with the submitted reason’s to celebrate, I began building the individual pages. When it was all done, I uploaded it to Blurb for printing. This was definitely a labor of love and a lot of fun! I know my dad will forever treasure this!

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– 2013