Postcards from Mexico

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Postcards from Mexico

Summer was a very busy time for my husband and me! Due to a big project at work, I was constantly busy and falling behind with my to-do list and my dear hubby was struggling to balance full-time work along with full-time school! There was rarely any downtime to enjoy summer and when we finally got a day off together, we were too tired to do anything beyond rest.

So when September came around it was time for our Mexican Cruise – we were MORE than ready!!!! 7 days away on a boat visiting beautiful cities in Mexico sounded like true paradise! No work. No school. No emails to be answered. Simply Rest and Enjoyment and my favorite: BEAUTY!!! We were beyond excited to get away.

As always, I had much to photograph as we explored our beautiful cruise ship, then the 3 gorgeous cities: Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta! Below are some of my favorite photos.

We went on the beautiful Carnival Miracle cruise ship and departed from Long Beach, California. It was so much fun boarding the boat and seeing the lovely Long Beach coastline. Thankfully the weather was perfect – so we could lounge wherever we wanted on the boat and take in the sites from each direction!



ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-3After a few days at sea, we arrived in beautiful Cabo San Lucas. Clouds were brewing in the sky as we taxi-ed to the port and shortly after we arrived on land, rain started pouring!


ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-5Thankfully the rain didn’t last long! We took shelter in a nice restaurant and enjoyed some authentic Mexican Margaritas. And then after 30 minutes or so, the sky cleared and we were good to explore again! The streets were flooded but thankfully one doesn’t have to wander far to find beauty!!




ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-9The next day we woke up in Mazatlan. We took a short tour around the city to see some of the highlights.



ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-12They had fruit stands everywhere and the fruit looked so delicious!!

ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-13They also had this crazy high diving platform and very brave divers would jump off into the shallow water below. It was fun to watch but no thank you – I’d rather not participate!




ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-17After touring the city a little, we ended at this amazing beach resort (Las Flores Beach Resort) and enjoyed the most perfect lunch and walk along the beach! I could have stayed here forever, it was so beautiful and the water was so warm!!!!



ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-20Leaving Mazatlan was beautiful! The sky was full of clouds and the city looked so lovely! It was one of the best moments – relaxing on the cruise deck and taking in the lovely sites of the city as we went away.


ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-22The next morning we woke up in Puerto Vallarta – another gorgeous city for sure!!!

ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-23We had no planned activities so we asked the taxi driver to drop us off at El Malecon Boardwalk and we set out exploring from there!




ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-27I was amazed by all the unique sculpture art along the boardwalk. Every 100 feet or so there was a new amazing sculpture! Against the palm trees and blue ocean – the scene was gorgeous – I couldn’t help but photograph all the beauty!









ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-36After a nice walk along the boardwalk and a few margaritas, we were up for going somewhere new! I am ALWAYS a fan of gardens so I thought we should check out the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately, it was quite a drive outside of town. But the trip was worth it as it really was quite lovely and relaxing!


ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-38They had the most beautiful sitting area to just relax and take in the beauty! Andrew was VERY excited to find this spot and be able to rest after walking all day!

ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-40And they had the most magical hanging glass hearts! They were everywhere and so beautiful! I had a buy a few and bring them home!!!





ScatterJoyPhotos_MexicanPostcard_9-29-15-44After our day of exploring, it was time to get back on the boat and catch one last sunset before we had to say goodbye to Mexico!


What a treat it was to get away and see some new places! We definitely got the rest we needed and feel refreshed so we can go to the busy routine!

We had a great time on our Mexican Cruise and would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a vacation! Feel free to message me and ask me more about the details if you are interested!

– Naphtalie JOY Joiner

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