Lauren Goodkind Chess

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Lauren Goodkind Chess

Recently I had the exciting opportunity to work with Lauren Goodkind on her new chess website! Lauren Goodkind is a one-of-a-kind chess player and teacher! She has been playing since age 8 and has been a victor in numerous chess tournaments over the years. Now determined to build a career out of her passion for chess, Lauren hired me to help her make a website.

Lauren is a delightful individual and super great to work with! I gave her a task list to get the website going and she diligently completed all of her tasks and made accuracy on the website her top priority. She even set a timeline for us to have the website completed and because of her dedicated hard working nature, we had everything done!

Working with Lauren was a blast! I learned a few things about chess, chess wordpress plugins, and had a great time taking some photos of her for the website. I also loved the overall look and feel of the website. I tend to be a “girly-girl” so working out a pink chess look and feel came second nature to me! Below are some images of her completed site or view the actual site here:


How-to-Win-At-Chess-By-Answering-Questions_eBook-e1447520365692Another BIG accomplishment for Lauren (in addition to completing this website!) was the creation of her first eBook! She worked hard on this and put together an awesome FREE Chess eBook called “How to Win at Chess By Answering Questions: An Essential Guide For New Players!” You can download it for free by simply signing up for her mailing list here:

So if you are in need of a good chess teacher or would like some wisdom in what chess items are simply must-haves or want someone super brainy to speak at your event, you should definitely check out Lauren Goodkind!!!

And Good job Lauren! I’m so proud of all you’ve done already and I wish you the best in your chess business endeavors!

– Naphtalie JOY Joiner

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