In Focus – Foothill KCI Photo Show

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In Focus – Foothill KCI Photo Show

My photography class (Kate Jordahl’s Photo 57B) opened our first big show yesterday! The show is called In Focus and will be running 4/17/13 – 5/17/13 at the KCI Gallery at Foothill College. The reception was a lot of fun! After so much work, it was nice to just relax and enjoy the fruit of our labor. It was also nice to just hang out with friends and meet some new fellow photography lovers. We all have one piece in the show and we all are very different so the show definitely has a lot of variety within it. But even with all the different styles and ideas, the show as a whole still looks pretty awesome!

Here is the info about the show:

In Focus features the work of students completing the two quarter Photographic Portfolio/Professional Practices course, an advanced class in the Foothill College photography program. The photographs
presented here are drawn from the portfolios that students created during the class, taught by Kate Jordahl, Professor of Photography.

Exhibiting Photographers include: Jason Agron, Ausencio Alvarez, Ashley Brown, Richard Deloof, Clinton Foster, Eve Gamero, Olga Garnova, Bob Gridley, Sassan Hazeghi, Katarzyna Janus, Colin Jaramillo, Naphtalie Joiner , Sara Kerr, Lilla Kuknyo, Katherine Ogg, Laura Oliphant, Kari Revak, Art Roose, Cristene Sellers, Jim Smith, Ian Thomas, and Rachel Wooster.

Here are some photos from the evening – food, photos, and dear friends are always a good combination!


















Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. I am so impressed by how so many individuals took charge of many different tasks and it all came together beautifully. It was a lot of work but so worth it in the end!!! Also thanks to all the friends and family that supported us in the process and came to the show. It was such a blessing to share our work and enjoy the time together!

So now with In Focus up and running, it is time to think about our next show Through the Lens opening June 15th at PhotoCentral in Hayward, CA. We will get to show off much more of our work there which will be a lot of fun.

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– Naphtalie Joy Joiner

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  1. judy squier
    April 19, 2013

    Can’t wait to visit the gallery when we are down in the Bay Area. Three cheers for all the great photographers and their outstanding professor.

    • Naphy
      April 19, 2013

      Thank you Mama Mia! you will definitely have to come see it! =)

  2. karen
    April 19, 2013

    The group as a whole did a fantastic and very professional job. The teacher did a good job in encouraging such variety.
    Becca, Rolando, and I will be visiting the Bay area, and want to see the exhibit. I am excited about it, and want to come see your next one too!

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