How To Create Photo Cards

How To Create Photo Cards

With all the photographs I have, I am on the constant lookout for fun ways to share some of my favorite images. One of the best ways I’ve discovered is by making Photo Cards. They are useful, inexpensive, personal, and always beautiful! There’s no knowing how many people will be blessed to see the photographs on them since they are meant to be shared. I’ve made hundreds of cards over the last few years. And I plan to keep making them!

If you are interested in learning how you can make your own, let me share my process with you. You can make them for yourself or give them away as a gift.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Heavy Cardstock Paper 8.5″ x 11″
    I like to use white or cream Neenah Classic Crest Cover Paper from Kelly Paper
  • Envelopes 5.25″ x 7.25″
    I like 7 Bar Paramount Premium Announcement Envelopes from Kelly Paper
  • Cutting Supplies: Exacto knife, Rotary Mat for cutting on, & Metal Ruler
    Alternatively – if you have a paper cutter or some other method for cutting, this will work too!
  • Dull Knife to make a clean fold
  • Double Sided Mounting Squares  (Make sure these are Acid Free)
    I like Recollections product from Michael’s
  • Some of your favorite 4×6 photographs
    I usually print out a bunch of my favorite photos from Costco to have on hand and then whenever I want to make a new batch of cards, I already have some to choose from.

Now for all of your visual learners, here are some photo:


. . .







Here’s what you do with all those materials:

1. Gather Your Paper & Put together a Card Template on your Computer
I use Adobe Illustrator for this but you can do it with other programs like Microsoft Word or Photoshop. I also like to include the recipient’s name on the front and a fun inspirational quote on the back. If you want to skip the template, you can use blank paper instead too – just skip step #2.

2. Print Template out on Paper
I print my template with crop marks so it’s easy to know where to cut.

3. Cut the Card out of the Paper
If you are using a 4″ x 6″ card the dimensions should be 10″ x 7″ so that there is 5″ x 7″ on each side – a nice extra amount to frame the card. I cut my paper out with an exacto knife, rotarty board, and metal ruler. But you can do this with other paper cutters. You just want something that will give you a nice clean cut. If you use an exacto knife, be careful and attentive to where the blade of the knife goes. It can definitely hurt you! Also while doing this, be careful to not cut off your crop marks. When you’re done cutting, remember to recycle the un-used bits of paper!

4. Fold the Cards in Half using the Edge of a Knife to get a Smooth Fold
You should be cutting the paper in half so that each side becomes 5″ x 7″. I usually run a knife over the fold a few times to make sure it’s a good fold.

5. Select Your Favorite 4″ x 6″ Photos
Selecting the photos can be the hardest part of this process. I like to think about the person I am making the cards for and keep their personality type in mind while I’m deciding which photos to use. Most often I’ll use pretty scenes, photos of flowers, or city landscapes, but sometimes if the cards are for a family member, I might put in some portraits of the family too!

6. Attach Photos to Card
Attach the photos to the front of the card using the double sided mounting squares. I usually use two and it stays nicely attached. But if you’re nervous, use three or four.

7. Add Envelopes
Stack the cards with an equal number of envelopes and tie together with some fun ribbon.

8. Present the Cards in a Fun Way
Presentation is the final touch. If you are giving the cards away, find a fun ribbon and tie it around them or find a pretty gift bag. If you are keeping them for yourself, maybe look for a nice box to store them in. Regardless, these cards are meant to be enjoyed and bring joy – so have fun with them!

And some more photos :


. . .













Let me know if you have any questions along the way! And if you like the idea of having photo cards but don’t have time to make them yourself, let me know and I would be happy to make you some!

Hope this helps and hope you have fun!!!!

– Naphtalie Joy Joiner

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