Happy 2016 – A Scripture Picture Calendar

Happy 2016 – A Scripture Picture Calendar

Happy 2016!
I can’t believe how fast time flies and how it’s already a new year!

The end of 2015 went by with rapid speed leaving me with only a blur of holiday memories – there was so much activity, travel, and time with friends and family. I hope your holidays were enjoyable!

One of my favorite Christmas presents I gave out this year was a calendar created from Scripture Pictures (see previous blog post here) that I made over the years. I had a blast creating each unique image and had been wanting to do something to showcase my favorite images for the longest time. So making a calendar with the images seemed like the perfect solution.

I had a little encouragement though to get the job done. I recently joined Shutterfly and weekly they sent out AMAZING Deals – some of which were entirely FREE – you just had to pay for shipping. One day, they had a super fabulous deal for getting a free 8×11 calendar. That was a savings of $24.99 that I couldn’t pass up.

I took it upon myself to put together my first draft of my Scripture Picture calendar and got it printed. It came out GREAT! But there were definite things I wanted to change to make it even better so I made the changes and then waited. A few weeks later, another super fabulous free calendar deal came around so I ordered my revised calendar. I LOVED the results and felt good to order more as Christmas presents!

Below you can see how it came together:













Just to give a little background – I just discovered Shutterfly in July and since then I’ve been in LOVE!!

shutterfly_logoA friend told me about all the Shutterfly Freebies she was getting with her photos and I was intrigued. I wanted free items with my photographs so immediately I signed up for a free account and took advantage of my first free item – 50 Free 4×6 images. Since then, I have loved opening up their Freebie Offer emails and trying out various products. I’ve received the following items for free: A Notepad, A Reusable Shopping Bag, Address Labels, Custom Notecards, Wrapping Paper and the Calendars. I have soooooooooo many photographs in my computer that never get printed or see the light of day so I was delighted to test out some of the products. And pretty much everything I receive – I LOVE!! I don’t want to sound sale-pitchy and I can assure you that they’re not giving me anything for this praise – I just want to let you know that for anyone who loves photographs and loves making things with them – this is a GREAT company to check out!!!

I know that if I had not received that Free Calendar offer – it might be another year to two until I finally got my act together and put a calendar together on my own. So thank you Shutterfly and thank you God for giving me the inspiration for this project!

Blessings to you all in this year! I hope we all create new beautiful things and memories!

– Naphtalie JOY Joiner

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