Fun Couple Photo Shoot

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Fun Couple Photo Shoot

I’ve been having a lot of fun taking photos of people lately!

When I first got into photography, I thought that in order to become a better photographer, I had to master portrait photography which at the time scared me to death! So I got a job at JC Penney Portrait Studio and began taking tons of photos of families, babies, little kids, and just masses and masses of people. Sadly in the whole experience, I learned really quick that taking photos that way took away my passion for photography. So I quit that job and for a very long time refrained from taking people photographs.

However, for some reason, just recently I feel like that desire for taking pictures of people is coming back! I am jumping at more chances to get practice and just have fun with it. So I was very thankful for our dear friend Mikey and his lovely lady Emily for letting me get some fun photos of them.

This couple is as sweet as can be! They truly bring out the best in each other and are such a joy to hang out with. So it was no wonder that we had a blast in Downtown Sunnyvale snapping some photos after a lovely pizza dinner. They giggled their way through the entire photo shoot and even put up with my quirky requests when I asked them to climb to the top of a building and explore a little. Thank you guys!!!!

But it was well worth it because I think we got some awesome photos!!!! See below!


Mikey and Emily – THANK YOU for making it so much fun and thank you for showing me that I can truly enjoy doing portrait photography!

So I’m gonna put myself out there a little bit and say – if you want some portraits – please let me photograph you! I may not be the best yet. I definitely am still learning but thankfully – by God’s grace, I’m still loving it!

So please send me an email at and let’s take some photos!

– Naphtalie JOY Joiner

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