Featured Client: Wendy Harrop with Wendy Harrop Events

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Featured Client: Wendy Harrop with Wendy Harrop Events

9-10-11_Andrew-Naphy-31Let me introduce you to my dear friend Wendy Harrop. She is a long-time church friend, then my day-of-wedding planner and then a Scatter Joy Designs client! Anyone who meets Wendy immediately falls in love with the girl. She has the type of personality that just draws you to her and she constantly is doing amazing things like planning elaborate gorgeous weddings, learning flower arranging, bartending, throwing adorable garden parties or traveling to exotic countries.

Anyway, two years ago she and her wonderful husband, Keith, decided to take the plunge and leave their Bay Area home and move across country to Massachusetts – to follow their life-long dream: be closer to family and own their own wedding/event venue location. She was determined to find and buy a really nice New England house and then use it to host all her amazing events while also possibly having a B&B…she was dreaming big! But we all knew that if anyone could do this – Wendy could! All of us California friends were distraught that she was going to be leaving us but we know that she was the type of friend we’d never truly lose. We’d just all have to visit each other more.

So after she made the BIG move to the east coast and while they were still searching for the perfect house – she and I started talking about her website and branding for her wedding planning business. It quickly became apparent that she was in much need of a wonderful new website and logo. It was so saddening that someone so fabulous did not have a fabulous website! So with the help of Weebly – I was quickly able to help get things back to fabulous with a new logo and a new website: www.wendyharropevents.com


Shortly after, Wendy and Keith found their dream home!! They didn’t find just any typical home though – they found a historic house called The Phineas Wright House. Wendy was elated by the discovery of it and even more excited to finally move in and make it her home. She even insisted on making a logo for the house and new website just for it too. So we went to work again with Weebly and made her another website: www.phineasewrighthouse.com


While Wendy and Keith were moving in, HGTV somehow got wind of their story and wanted to film them in their new home. Wendy says, “They liked our story of moving from the west coast to the east coast, city to the country, wedding planner to wedding venue. Oh my goodness, we’re going to be on TV…” She loved every minute of the six full days of filming and activities like herding sheep and riding tractors. Wendy was finally in her element!

HGTV-LogoAnd now many months later, the 22-minute program is finally going to air!!!!! So please tune in this Sunday, April 13th at 5pm EST. Learn more: www.hgtv.com/new-house-new-life/wendy-harrop-searches-for-the-event-barn-of-her-dreams/index.html

Yay Wendy! We are all so happy for you and all your endeavors!

– Naphtalie Joy Joiner

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