Andrew’s Corvette Blog

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Andrew’s Corvette Blog

This summer I have been working on a fun project! Before I can share more about it though – let me go back to the beginning . . .

One Friday afternoon five months ago, my husband, Andrew, called to tell me he had been in an accident on the way home from work. Shortly after, we were told terrible news: his beloved 1990 Lexus had been totaled! We needed to find him a new car. I remember praying and asking God to turn this lemon of a situation into lemonade. I didn’t know how He would do it – but He did!!!

Ever since I met Andrew, he has loved corvettes. He always talks about them and admires them on the road. It didn’t help his obsession when his twin brother bought a used one three years back. It only made him want one more! So despite my many objections to the impracticality of a sports car, I decided to give my hubby the go ahead to look and see what he could find in Craigslist. Amazingly, shortly after, he found the car of his dreams and we bought it!

Since then, we have had so much fun driving around in it! We wanted to share the adventures, so I set up a blog. Using Weebly, I built him a quick, easy, yet professional looking website. I also designed him his own logo and signature footer. The logo came from a live traced photograph of his actual car. It was difficult yet exciting to create!

The whole process of branding & blogging has been so much fun for us. It has given us something we can work on together! All he has to do is drive us to beautiful places and then I do the rest!

Here are some screenshots of the site and of course visit the real site at:

Andrew's Corvette Home


Andrew's Corvette Highway 1

Andrew's Corvette Double Date

Andrew's Corvette Santana Row

Andrew's Corvette AboutIf you want to keep up with our latest corvette adventures, please check back! We update it as much as we can.

If you would like some help getting set up to do something similar, please let me know. I would love to help get you going so you can share something special in your life with the rest of the world!

– Naphtalie JOY Joiner

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  1. Judy Gholson
    August 12, 2014

    Your Blog is awesome! I love all the cool photos you’ve taken. I think you should be a photographer for car designers. I love all the angles you shoot from, very creative.
    Andrew is a lucky guy to have such loving support. One question for you Naphy, do you ever drive the vet?

    • Naphtalie Joiner
      August 13, 2014

      Hi Judy!!!
      Thank you for your sweet words! I actually haven’t driven the corvette yet! I have no desire to do so at this point. It seems so low to the ground and doesn’t have the best visibility! But one day I’m sure I will! For the meantime though – I enjoy being chauffeured around in it!!!!


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