A Scatter Joy Beginning…

A Scatter Joy Beginning…

I was inspired one day to share that which inspires me and keeps me going as an artist in both graphic design and photography. I know how important inspiration is – I feel dead without inspiration – that is how important it is to me! So I decided to create a blog to capture what every day little things keep me going and stay inspired. For my first post I wanted to share what motivated me to go into graphic design and photography from the very beginning. I felt God leading me to it and then He gave me this quote and photo that became his promise to me:

“The Place that God calls you to is the place where your deep joy and the world’s deep hunger meet.“
– Henri Nouwen

WOW! What better inspiration is there than that? Our God has perfectly prepared a place for each of us. A place for each of us to be fulfilled and filled with joy and a place for us to reach out to some particular need in the world. That got me going and keeps me going day by day!

So if you feel inclined to follow my blog – I will do my best to help Scatter the Joy of life’s little things.
Here’s my first photo to scatter:


– Naphtalie Joy Joiner, Scatter Joy Photos Photographer
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